5 Continents Massage

Discover one of the best healing massage treatments in the world.


The Massage of 5 Continents is a holistic treatment that combines massage, aromatherapy and energy to restore the body from both physical and mental stress. It works to clear and release energy blockages in the body, chakras and meridians, detoxify the body, and release any emotions that have been stored in the body’s organs. Reconnect with your body, and expect your vital energy of life to flow more freely.

It will create a new space and a new language within
the body to communicate. You will start to trust more than
before. You will have more pleasure and ease in trusting
the flow of your life.” – Lillia Tounsi

Massage Techniques Used:
The best massage techniques in the world are applied in this treatment, from the corners of five Continents, lending to its name. The Massage of 5 Continents includes: Reiki, Kundalini (life force) activation, Magnetism, Reflexology, Energy-Meridian-Anatomy.

Aromatherapy/Oils Used:
Combined with aromatherapy, the Massage of 5 Continents uses the finest oils from Switzerland. The composition of the oils are divided into two parts.

Detoxification oil: Applied to cleanse all toxins in the physical body and also clean all unsupportive energies present in the etheric, emotional, and spiritual body.

Charging oil: Applied to provide the body’s cells with sufficient energy to return to their innate nature of vitality and activity, and also to provide the body with the supporting energies needed for it to feel unconditionally full.

Benefits of the Massage of 5 Continents:
• (Re)gain self-confidence
• Increase vitality
• Greater self-esteem
• More joie de vivre
• Feelings of inner peace

Lilia Tounsi is currently the only certified practitioner/trainer in the UAE for the Massage of 5 Continents. She studied at the Federation of the 5 Continents in France, and is a trainer for other trainers in many countries. Lilia is also certified and qualified as an Access Bars facilitator, Feng Shui Consultant, Pranic Healer, and Theta Healer and Practitioner of Body Process. She is dedicated to helping people be more present in their own body, and to create greater joy in their lives. Lilia is fluent in English, Arabic and French.

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