Postural Assessment

Improve your posture, improve your whole body.


Improve your posture, improve your whole body.

A postural assessment is a one-on-one consultation with a trained professional, which can help to uncover any postural issues and imbalances that you may have from poor sitting or standing habits, tight, weak or overused muscles, incorrect exercise techniques and much more.

Poor posture can often result in headaches, backaches, abnormal wearing of the joints, decreased flexibility, muscular pain and many other painful symptoms. By having a postural assessment, you will become more aware of your muscles, the way you sit, stand, breathe, move and function. Over time, this will help you to develop strength, flexibility, and balance in your body.

Benefits of Proper Posture:

  • Reduces the stress on your muscles and ligaments (reduces your risk of injury & falls)
  • Makes you look and feel taller
  • Can improve your walk, run, and your ability in other sports
  • Can decrease pain and discomfort you may be experiencing in your body.

The Postural Assessment at Motion Fitness includes a 30-minute professional assessment, followed by recommendations on how to proceed (I.e. practical tips/
tools, resources, classes, etc.).

Duration: 30-minutes

Juliette has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, and is passionate about helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, while becoming more confident and stronger in your mind and body.

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