Burn calories, lower stress levels and have fun with total body workouts.


Release stress and channel your inner strength by taking to the bag with our high-energy kickboxing class. This is a sure way to burn major calories without even realizing it. Get fit while having fun! Working on both strength and technique, you’ll be ready to enter the ring in no time.

Latino Cardio is the best and most effective way to lose weight while having the greatest fun! The class will teach you every move in details whilst pushing you further to make the most out of your workout. It is a high energy class that will raise your heartrate and let the dance fever burn all the extra fat. Have you met Liris yet? Book this class now and meet the Dance Queen of the Middle East!

The Zone is a fun, fat burning class that uses the latest technology to make your workout more effective. Melt fat FAST in this high-intensity, calorie-monitored class.
The aim of the game is to keep your heart rate elevated within the fat-burning zone (the Orange zone), with approximately 130 bpm (depending on the client). Each participant has a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, which is pre-set to the client’s age, weight and height to calculate their optimum fat burning zone. The class includes a range of plyometric exercises performed at a fast pace with little rest throughout the class, while your heart rate and calories will be seen in real-time on a screen for you to stay motivated, have fun with your classmates and either push or reduce the intensity of your workout. Remember, each exercise can be modified depending on individual fitness levels – so no need to worry if you’re new. Join us in The Zone!