Improve your posture, strength, and flexibility with a focus on stretching and strengthening the whole body.


The STOTT Pilates method has exercises designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints. The STOTT Pilates method places more emphasis on scapular stabilization than other methods. The method focuses on the following five basic principles of breathing, pelvic placement, rib case placement, scapular movement, and head and cervical spine placement. Help your back and join this class!

A fun workout that merges the benefits of cardio with the muscle strengthening magic foundations of Pilates in an intense workout. This class has the ability to define and sculpt your body, boost your metabolism, make you sweat, and target those trouble areas all at once. Each week, this class has a variation – so it never becomes repetitive. It’s an ideal class to improve your posture, leave you feeling leaner, longer and proud!